Excess Baggage
Taylor Lawrence

SCOTT - Brad Hills
JESSICA - Jennifer Kairis
JAKE - Hari Williams
Jennifer Kairis is as talented as she is beautiful. And badass. Did we mention badass? A great actress, amazing cosplayer and trained sword fighter. She has appeared in the award winning web series Adventures Of Super7even and Walking In Circles. Her fighting skills are on display in Warrior Showdown 2 and Fantasy Women Battles and was voted gamersbliss.com's Gamer Girl of the Year. She can also be seen hosting live gaming streams on Twin Galaxies Live.

Hari (pronounced Ha-dee) Williams is the second of three kids of very creative parents. This native of Los Angeles enrolled in the prestigious theater arts program at Howard University (“HU”) where he earned a BFA and appeared in many university and local-area theater productions. Moving back to Los Angeles, Hari gained invaluable experience behind the scenes, working on several short and feature films, as well as reality and game show television productions. It wasn’t long though, before he returned to acting, appearing in several stage, film and television productions including Caged Animal starring Ving Rhames, and Discovery ID’s hit show, Wicked Attraction.

His most substantial role to date is as “Future”, the spoken-word revolutionary in My Crazy Roommate, Bounce TV’s first original sitcom. 


Brad is a native of Australia and his acting work has spanned 20 years and 3 countries. 
He has written and directed his own short films before: The Reel Deal (finalist Melbourne International Comedy Festival and The Comedy Channel Short Film Festival), Sex Offenders (Funny Or Die) and was nominated for Best Actor in a Short Film for Edgewood Drive at the Angeleno Film Festival. He has been a Children's Show Presenter for The Disney Channel and a Ghost Hunter on New Zealand Television. His feature film credits include Avenues, Before The Lights Come UpFatal Contact: Bird Flu in America with Joely Richardson, and the soon to be released The Devil Came Near


Royana started acting at the age of 11 years old in the Broadway production of The Brighton Street Memoirs, which she did for a year and never let her poor understudy go on. At 15 she starred as the title character in the CBS series Raising Miranda, alongside Walter White (pre-meth days). Upon leaving school she founded her first non profit theater company in NYC and produced 3 shows before moving to LA. Here, she has done guest star and co star roles in such tv series as Touched By An Angel and Medium and may be best known for getting Vanessa drunk on The Cosby Show.
BETH - Royana Black
ANGELA - Jennifer Taylor Lawrence
Not only is Jen a fantastic actress, but she is an experienced voice-over artist and can be heard in Lego Lord Of The Rings and Killzone.
She is the founder of Thorny Devil Productions, established in 2010 for the co-production of the feature film The Devil Came Near (in which she also starred). In just a few years the team at Thorny Devils has been hard at work producing the short films Shrinking VioletsAbyss Of BeingSix 2nds To Die (part of horror anthology Shortcuts To Hell Vol I), For My Next Trick and the award winning Advice.


JARED - Grant McLellan
SHAUN - TJ Zecchino
MICHELLE - Leann Slaby
TJ - AJ Hudson
SAMANTHA - Lori Dean
MELISSA - Keyla McNeely
STEVE - Cory Jacob
BLAKE - LeRoy Mobley
Hailed as the next Kristen Wiig, Lori got turned away from Groundlings and can't book an episodic gig to save her life.
She will probably fail in Hollywood but she is currently known for her breathtaking performance as a recovering drug addict in Passages Malibu, almost an Obie award winning commercial, unfortunately playing on every cable station in the United States.

And yes, she wrote this herself.
JANE - Belinda Gosbee
AJ has many credits under his belt after only being in showbiz for a short period of time. His credits include commercials for Cvent, Citibank, Merryl Lynch and Walmart. In the hit TV show The Neighbors he scored a memorable role as The Freaked Out kid. AJ has studied at Weiss Barron Hill acting school where he continues to hone his talents. AJ has played a part in several short films (Dennis Doesn't Live Here Anymore) and 2 feature films. AJ also has voice over credits and can be heard in the upcoming TV movie Moose, which also stars Cathy Bates and Samuel L Jackson.
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